Saturday, October 2, 2010

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Love Makes Food Taste Better.

Hello There,
My name is Emily and I'm just shy of 21, and I'm a Nutrition major at Keene State. Now that the formal intro is over let's get down to what this blog is actually about.
First off, I love food. Or rather live food. I constantly think of what I could do for a new recipe to try out, or spend hours into days meandering the web for new ideas. I go to bed thinking of breakfast, and wake up thinking of lunch. Then dessert. Do i need to say more?

Second off, I'm a Nutrition major. If you don't know yourself, let me tell you...the more you know the less you eat. I try to focus on getting all the good stuff in, while still enjoying all the flavors of the "sinful" foods.

Finally, I want to be able to share my ideas on how to make good food TASTE good, and to encourage people to try new things. I'm not here to tell anyone they are committing food adultery with every bite of pizza, but rather to say 'if you're willing so am I.' I plan on sharing tips, tricks, and recipes to make healthier food taste like the 'junk' ones, or at least taste good. I plan on posting a new tip healthy tip everyday, BUT at least one recipe a month that is simply delicious, regardless of nutrition.

I hope to inspire and be inspired to "sin" and learn a lot along the way!

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