Monday, July 4, 2011

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Sweet Summertime.

Summer is in full swing! By the time I got to posting this strawberry season is already just about over. But, it is a sure sign of what beautifully delicious produce Summer brings. So this post is to share my first strawberry picking experience. I ended up with 15lbs of the juciest, sweetest strawberries I can remember.
It was a gorgeous day and got to spend some quality time with Dad. We did some catching up, so it seemed as if the strawberries picked themselves. When I would find a giant, too good to pass up strawberry that had a soft spot and wouldn't stay good for long, I made the sacrifice of gorging myself on countless of them. I mean, you can't just put it on the ground!
After all the picking, and a round of mini-golf later, the real labor started. I had to wash, prep, and store all 15 lbs of these candy-like berries. It took a good half hour or so until the job was done, but the sweet smell in the air made the job an indulgence. I filled my sink with cold water, lined a cookie sheet with a dish towel, and got my freezer bags handy. I did three batches of dumping the berries in the water, patting them dry on the towel, and chopping off the tops.
Luckily, I used a plastic cutting board, since my wooden one may have resembled the boston massacre after all the berry juice that seemed to pour out of each strawberry. I ended up with two gallon freezer bags filled to the brim, and left out enough to fill another one for instant nibbling. Let's say they didn't last long in my house. Tis' the season.
I froze the bags to save for the later months, when the New England winters leave no chance for any fruit for harvest. This is my small attempt to eat more local, and savor what's in season. Mcquesten farm, where I picked the berries is right in my home town, owned by the family for generations. Nothing compared to the likes of Barbara Kingsolver, but my homage to her lifestyle. So, get out and enjoy the sunshine! And if there is berries to be picked, you may want to indulge your self to what a strawberry REALLY tastes like!

What's your favorite fresh summer produce?

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