Thursday, February 23, 2012

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February Fever.

I have to say this "winter" has been a far cry from the norm of New England this time of year. I mean the blizzard like conditions last night, to the 55 degree weather today just isn't right. But this teaser weather still left me longing for the Spring Fever that hits Keene every march. For all the KSC students, you know what I mean. The first day above 60 degrees, break out the tank tops, flip flops, frisbees, and iced coffee! I find it quite humorous, but at the same time anxious for Spring and warmer weather to come.

Well if I can't bring the warmer weather, I'll bring some recipes to send me to where the weather's warm, and the drinks are cold. At least for the length of time it takes me to eat breakfast. That is of course, Key West! Having only been there once my junior year of high school, it left enough of an impact that let's just say I wouldn't mind going back any time soon. Any guesses of what I could possibly recreate, that Key West may be famous for?!

You got it! French Toast!...kidding of course. Key Lime Pie! Yum. I have to say a slice of key lime pie in the keys is a little slice of heaven. Pun intended. I made some oats that recreated that creamy, sweet, and pucker that key lime pie is delovely for. If you've never heard of overnight oats, this will introduce you to them. They're great for a quick breakfast in the morning, no cooking required. Simply just soak the oats overnight, and voila! Ready to go when you wake. Try this version to rid your winter blues.

Key Lime Pie Overnight Oats
serves 1

1/2 cup old-fashioned oats
1/2 cup water, or milk
1 tsp sweetener of your choice
1 tsp vanilla
1 T lime juice
1/4 plain, nonfat yogurt
1 square graham cracker

Start by combining the oats, water or milk, sweetener, vanilla, and lime juice in a bowl. I used truvia for my sweetener, but feel to use whatever you like. Once combined, cover and stick it in the fridge for the morning. Go to bed, and dream of sunshine, sand, and a cold drink in hand.

When you wake up and realize it's still winter, take out your oats, and add the yogurt. Stir until it's all combined into creamy goodness.  Simply crumble up a graham cracker on top to replicate the graham cracker crust, and you are ready for a slice, or bowl of key lime pie! I used water this time for the soaking, but usually use milk. I have to say I didn't notice much of a difference because of the yogurt, so either way this is delicious. Feel free to use vanilla yogurt as well, as I'm sure that won't make it taste worse!

So this picture doesn't really give the flavor justice, but I made sure to include some greenery in the background to give it that "island" feel. Haha! I hope you give these a try, and think of your own flavors to try.

What's your favorite warm weather spot?

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